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There are 49 water distribution and storage tanks ranging from 50 m3 to 2,000 m3 within the project area with a total storage of 11,800 m3 including 10 tanks of Phase I and 39 tanks of Phase II. All tanks are in good working conditions. We distribute water into two direction, South direction of Wami river and North direction of Wami river where the main transportation Pump station with 2000 m3 storage tanks located at Wami Treatment Plant near Wami bridge. Distribution tanks that supply water to our service areas located at different villages.

The main transmission pipes have 461 km and 127 km of the distribution pipe lines. Approximately the demand is  13,800 m3/day out of 7,200 m3/day production of the designed Intake, the supply is 22 hours per day and due to the high demand compared to production Authority decide to supply water by rationing as scheduled by distribution officer.

We sales water to our customer through our agent (Mawakala), Kiosk points and others customer we facilitates the service direct to their areas (Home, Guests, Institutions). The water meter displays how much water you use that help us to detamain the volume of what we sale.