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Generally the finance department exists to ensure that sound financial management systems and procedures based on sound commercial principles and practices are installed to ensure judicious use of resources (physical assets, inventories, investments, cash and people) and best return on investments. Moreover, a finance department ensure that the accounting systems, procedures and records are maintained in a form that conforms to the best commercial accounting standards and generally accepted practices, and safeguards resources against wasteful activities. The department is divided into two sections namely Expenditure and Revenue section.

Finance Department Functions

  • Provide financial management guidelines to all departments and zones;
  • Monitor the execution of budget;
  • Perform finance and accounting functions for CHALIWASA by maintaining and ensuring budget control;
  • Ensure that financial management mechanisms are initiated and implemented to reconcile and accommodate the different financial management requirements of other stakeholders;
  • Develop the CHALIWASA Medium Term Expenditure Framework and monitor its implementation;
  • Co-ordinate CHALIWASA budget development and annual financial estimates;
  • Implement and review the financial management and control;
  • Prepare payrolls and ensure returns and payments and facilitate cash transfer and withdrawal;
  • Control and account for unclaimed salaries, payments for outside supplies;
  • Remit timely all statutory deductions from employees salaries to the respective pension funds;
  • Pay salaries and ensure the statutory deductions are paid accordingly and reconciled within the statutory period due to individual staff loans and advances;
  • Liaise with PMU to ensure the control of procurement to match with the budget guidelines;
  • Ensure that adequate financial and Management Account records are maintained;
  • Set up and maintaining accounting system to record all income and expenditure;
  • Review expenditure and take corrective measures for deviation from approved budget;
  • Carry out all budget and plan review and issues of budget guidelines;
  • Providing financial advice to the Managing Director Office and ensuring that financial regulations of the authority are adhered.