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CHALIWASA customers has grouped into four categories namely; Domestic, Institution, Commercial, Industrial and Kiosk.

Domestic Category

This category involve normal household user where their consumption does not exceed 80m3 monthly. These are major customer’s timely cause of the level of water consumption among the customers categories.

Institution Category

This involve all government and private institutions available in our service areas this include schools, university/ college, hospitals, Court, Religion institute, community group etc

Commercial Category

This involve all customers which use water as the main business such as all customers who are selling water directly and those customers who use water to initiate their business such as guest houses, hotel and restaurants.

Industrial Category

This involve all customers who use water for factories purposely which lead to get end products by using water or facilitate the occurrence of end products like stone crashers, soft drinks etc

Kiosk Category

These are water agents who selling water to the public in the particular location which established by CHALIWASA, the aim is to reduce shortage of water due to the population of the area or distance covered from the CHALIWASA main distribution pipe to the targeted customers.