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downloadCHALIWASA (Chalinze Water Supply and Sanitation Authority) has procedures that should be attained by the customers for the new connection of water service, these procedures are as follows:-

  1. A customer should fill water application form (Download) which is provided by CHALIWASA through our offices located Wami (Head Office) and Chalinze branch at Kudiembe street for FREE without any cost . Make sure your form signed by our Water Agents
  2. Immediately after payment of new water connection application form, survey should conducted by CHALIWASA surveyor/technician aim to get the measurements for preparing the actual cost of material required to the particular area measured.
  3. After survey from our technician, Invoice form for the material cost prepared and submitted to the customer through CHALIWASA meter readers/ technician.
  4. A customer should make a full payment of Invoice within thirty (30) days from the day of dispatch then connection of the service and meter were installed within fourteen (14) days upon full payment of the required cost.


Below  are costs of new connections as authorized by Ministry of Water:-

  • TZS 30,000/- for all Domestic Connections
  • TZS 35,000/- for all Institutions, Comercial and Industries Connections