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"Our desire is to increase the number of customers and increase efficiency in the delivery of service and Customer care. Strategically, to cover all segment of our customers according to their niche. We have targeting the customers from rural and urban areas (villages and cities). Also we have positioning our self to grasp the market in the water sector"

 Mr. Abraham Nabahan , Head of Department

This department is responsible for business in general and assuring high quality service to customers, monitor accurate meter readings, billings made & dispatch, revenue collection and other charges associated with water, updating & maintaining the customer database, and overall debt management of CHALIWASA. This department divided into 3 sections Billing & Credit Control, Customer Care and Meter Reading & Inspection.

Billing & Credit Control Functions. 

  • Develop an effective strategy for ensuring precise data entry and billing system;
  • To initiate, co ordinate and carry out the whole process of verifying, proof reading and corrections before bill run;
  • Facilitate timely and correct preparation of Customer bills;
  • Collecting, documenting customer particulars status with problems or changes, as they are reported from the site and customer care section thus taking measures to rectify them and finally updating their bills;
  • Timely preparation and delivery of statements/invoices to customers; 
  • In liaison with the meter reading and customer service sections assist customers in understanding their bills/invoices;
  • In liaison with the customer care section follow up and take appropriate action to resolve discrepancies and/or dispute with customers related to their bills/invoices;
  • In liaison with the ICT unit ensure proper registrations of new customer particulars in the billing system so as to avoid invoices getting lost;
  • Prepare an effective strategy for speeding up the dispatch of printed bill invoices to customers;
  • Prepare the various reports of the billing section to the management and other related reports of the performance indicators;
  • Liaise with the ICT Unit in providing status of the CHALIWASA debtors from the customer database for follow-up actions by the respective departments;
  • Liaise with the banking institutions and mobile companies to develop a cost effective revenue collection system from all categories of customers e.g. through NMB mobile, M–PESA;
  • Recommend to the technical department disconnection and or reconnection of meters for customers with outstanding debts or bills;

Customer Care Functions

  • Ensuring that all customers get the water supply service according to their ration timetable; 
  • Attending customer’s complaints regarding lack of water or other issues related to the services; 
  • Designing through a consultant a Clients Service Charter;
  • Sensitising staff HODs and other members about the Clients Service Charter focusing on the service delivery standards and clients rights;
  • Disseminating the Clients Service Charter to all stakeholders;
  • Recording and complimenting all complaints from clients;
  • Provide advice to management on best ways of solving disputes with client.s
  • Liaising with other sections and departments when handling complaints.
  • Training other staff on customer care principles and practices. 
  •  Disseminate information to the public immediately there are changes in water supply and sewerage services.

Meter Reading and Inspection Functions

  • Ensure precise and accurate meter readings to allow for accurate data entry into the billing system. 
  • Ensure all active customer’s meters are read and in time. 
  • Conduct several mock runs of meter reading in sampled villages to check on the manpower requirements, customer reactions and the effectiveness of the process;
  • Verify meter readings for customers with complaints that request periodic adjustments of their bills;
  • Work closely with the leaders of the WAMACHA at village level when taking meter readings from the water kiosks and from other customers; 
  • Carrying out inspections on meters during the reading process so as to identify the malfunctioning and those that have been tempered with;
  • Recommend to the technical department disconnection of meters for customers that have tempered with their meter;
  • Report all malfunctioning meters to the technical department to allow for immediate repairs of the same;
  • Collecting, documenting Customer particulars/Meter status with problems and forward to the technical department for action.
  • Reviews and approves customer credits for validity/reasonableness.
  • Follow up on Customers with Illegal Water Connection. The illegal Water connections are disconnected and the defaulter is penalized for illegal Connection.