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This is the most important department as it is responsible for almost all core functions of the CHALIWASA. These functions include water production & treatment, water distribution, maintenance & repair and planning & construction. As such the department is divided into 4 sections and 5 sub sections. The major roles and functions which implemented by all sections and sub section are described below:-

Water Production

The section is responsible for planning, developing and maintaining provision of adequate, clean and portable water to community members within the project area while conserving the water sources for sustainability. The major roles and functions which will be implemented through the two sub sections are as follows:

Water Source Management

  • To secure a continued supply of water for all lawful purposes by continuously monitoring the source with a view to ensuring constant supply
  • The efficient and effective management, protection and maintenance of available water sources;
  • Ensure that reporting and information requirements for monitoring the performance of water sources and water chlorination are established and properly implemented;
  • Report and provides management with information and statistics regularly, comparing actual performance with planned performance in water production and ensures that corrective measures are taken.
  • To continuously plan, develop and maintain the production of clean water while participating in conserving the water sources for sustainability:
  • Ensure the availability of management information system for monitoring operating performance of water production.
  • Carrying out weekly or monthly water level measurement for the production wells in order to maintain good aquifer management practices for safe operation of the borehole

Water Treatment

  • To ensure a continuous production and treatment of adequate water of the right quality all the time and make available to the community members;
  • Ensure that the policies, standards and procedures established for the water treatment are implemented and strictly adhered to;
  • To ensure that there is continuous production and treatment of adequate water of the right quality all the time and make available to the community members;
  • Formulate long term plan and annual budget for water production and chlorination;
  • Regularly determine resources requirement for proper production of adequate quality water.
  • To maintain adequate stock of water laboratory equipment and chemicals as well as adequately trained laboratory Technicians.

Water Distribution Section

This section comprises of three sub sections namely planning and design, construction and maintenance and meter installation and maintenance.

Planning and Design

The sub section is involved in identifying demand for water over the planning period and coordinating the preparation of the strategic plan, which identifies proposal for meeting the established demand. Other activities include:

  • Establishing water supply and structural design standards and specification for all development works to be undertaken by the water Authority;
  • Assessing, designing and supervision of construction of distribution lines.

Construction and Maintenance

This sub-section is responsible for assessing and recommending rehabilitation of faulty water infrastructures; repairing and controlling of the major leakages and minor leakages to ensure stable flow of the water in the system and prevent chances of contaminations, in an effort to minimise uncounted for water. The sub section is also responsible for the maintenance and repair of all drainage and sewerage systems. The functions will therefore range from:

  • Upkeep of buildings which involves periodic repairs and maintenance of buildings.
  • Construction of extension pipe lines. This entails extension of service lines to increase service coverage to customers in accordance to the strategic plan. This will help to remove spaghettis and reduce customers connecting lengths as well as reducing possibility of leakages and hence loss of water.
  • Performing routine and preventive maintenance activities including:-
    • General Service of plants, motor vehicles and motorcycles according to their maintenance schedules.
    • General maintenance of electrical and mechanical equipments and installations for the pumping infrastructures, offices and buildings.
    • Electrical power monitoring for water production infrastructures.
    • To certify pumping scheme monthly electricity bills from TANESCO before payment is affected.
    • To prepare spare parts specification for annual tendering process purposes.
    • Repair of vehicles, motorcycles and plants of the Authority.
    • Installation and extraction of submersible pumps in the water production scheme.
    • Repair of submersible motors and pumps.
    • Repair of water treatment equipment and machineries.
    • To carry out an Energy Audit exercise for electro-mechanical infrastructures.

Meter Installation and Maintenance

This sub-section is involved installing new and maintaining the existing meters so as to ensure that the supply of water matches with the revenue collected As such it will be involved in mainly:-

  • Identifying demand for meters in accordance to the business plan which identifies proposal for meeting the established demand;
  • Assessing and recommending the type and quality of meters;
  • Ensuring the installation of meters to all customers receiving the water supply service;
  • Prepare a sustainable meter management system;
  • Surveying of households with meter connections to assess their performance and identify those tempered with but not reported by meter readers;
  • Carrying out general and periodic maintenance of all meters;
  • To prepare spare parts specification for annual tendering process purposes.
  • To carry out inspections on all metered water kiosks and private connections to ensure that they are functioning properly
  • Prepare a meter procurement plan for submission to the PMU
  • Document all metering problems for submission to the technical manager.