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CHALIWASA has three departments namely Finance & Administration, Commercial and Technical.

  • Technical Department This is the most important department as it is responsible for almost all core functions of the CHALIWASA. These functions include water production & treatment, water distribution, maintenance & repair and planning & construction. As such the department is divided into 4 sections and 5 sub sections.
  • Commercial Department This department is responsible for business in general and assuring high quality service to customers, monitor accurate meter readings, billings made & dispatch, revenue collection and other charges associated with water, updating & maintaining the customer database, and overall debt management of CHALIWASA. This department divided into 3 sections Billing & Credit Control, Customer Care and Meter Reading & Inspection.
  • Finance & Administration Generally the finance department exists to ensure that sound financial management systems and procedures based on sound commercial principles and practices are installed to ensure judicious use of resources (physical assets, inventories, investments, cash and people) and best return on investments. Moreover, a finance department ensure that the accounting systems, procedures and records are maintained in a form that conforms to the best commercial accounting standards and generally accepted practices, and safeguards resources against wasteful activities. The department is divided into two sections namely Expenditure and Revenue section.


CHALIWASA has five units which is responsible directly to the Managing Director as described below:-

  • Internal Audit Unit, This Unit is responsible for ensuring that all systems controls, regulations and procedures are adequate and effective.The general functions of the unit are to audit the controls and operations of CHALIWASA, report and recommend on the results of the audit to the Managing Director and provide advisory services to the departments so as to improve CHALIWASA controls and operations.
  • Procument Management Unit, The core function of the unit is provide expertise and services in procurement, storage and supply of goods and services for CHALIWASA.
  • Planning and ICT Unit, The Planning and ICT unit perform mostly the key supportive role to CHALIWASA in terms of coordination, data collection, analysis and management.
  • Public Relations Unit, This Unit is responsible for maintaining public relations between the CHALIWASA and the general public, Local Government Authorities, agencies, and the media, i.e. those who produce and disseminate information to the public. It provides services to the CHALIWASA bodies and provides them with information about the developments in and activities of the organisation.
  • Legal Unit, This unit is responsible for providing legal services to the CHALIWASA.