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1The Chalinze Water Supply Project (CWSP) Phase I was implemented in the year 2001 with a target of supplying water to 105,000 people by the year 2015. The construction of the project completed in the year 2003 whereby the scheme was commissioned to provide service to the community of 20 villages. Phase I of Chalinze water supply was financed by the Government of the People’s Republic of China in collaboration with the Government of Tanzania.

The implementation of Chalinze water supply was planned to be in two phases. The first phase of the project was designed to cover 20 villages after its construction. The villages covered in phase I are: Pingo, Bwilingu, Pera, Msoga, Mboga, Lunga, Saleni, Diozile, Mindutulieni, Mazizi, Msata, and Kihangaiko in the south direction. In the north direction the following villages were covered, Mandela, Hondogo, Kilemera, Kikaro, Miono, Rupungwi, Kimange and Mbwewe. The coverage for this phase was 88 % (88,864) of the total population of the villages i.e. some of the sub-villages in the villages with water services are still not covered. Therefore more efforts need to be made to deliberately increase the number of private consumers connected to the project network.

The cost for Phase I was Tshs 23.4 billion and the following infrastructures were implemented: Intake structures, clarifier tanks, filter tanks, dosing room, clear water pump house, 2000 m3 clear water tank, 5 mid-way pumping stations, 3 clear water tanks of 300 m3 and 6 clear water tanks of 500 m3, 461 km of the transmission main pipes and 127 km of the distribution pipe lines (current status), telecommunication facilities, administration building, staff quarters, electricity and the communication points. The capacity of the intake is to produce 7,200 m3/day which will also accommodate requirements for the ongoing phase II. The transmission pipes are also designed to accommodate demand for phase II.